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  • “Discover Your Colour” is the motto. “Colour” being the ultimate word, and for Pastel Sixteen it’s all about the colours. Sixteen of them, in fact.

  • We’re all familiar with the huge figures that float around football and other financially lucrative sports like Basketball, Tennis and American Football.

  • My cat is a relentless moaner, and her body clock is a thing to marvel at.

    6 months ago there wasn't a day that went by when she didn't make it her absolute life ambition to wake me up in the earliest of early hours for food.

  • A little while back, whilst trundling the interwebs researching this-that-or-the-other, my interest in maintaining a personal blog peaked again.

  • Digital user experiences aren't just about making websites intuitive and easy to use. Experiences leave an impression on us. They describe an encounter that traverses all aspects of what it means to engage with something, whether that's a business or a product, digitally or otherwise.

  • If you’re under the impression that you already understand how your customers behave online, or you already know the best way of designing a web page, you're unlikely to ever test that theory (or even recognise that it is just a theory).

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