Digital Service Design

Hello! Starting a new project? Sounds like fun. Let's put the user experience at the core!

We work with businesses who recognise that the design and development of digital services — such as websites, web applications and all the other types of software — cannot be treated in isolation; delivering user-centered services and applications rather than just websites that looks great.

We delivery great user experiences by working closely with designers, developers and end-users to find new opportunities, developing ideas into working applications aligned with your wider strategy.

However, of course we don't just focus on service design in isolation, but we're also software developers who see design through to delivery.

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"The ability to work seamlessly alongside clients and other team members to challenge a brief and deliver something genuinely worthwhile sets Chris apart from everyone else."
Andy Headington, Adido

How We Work

Digital Service Design incorporates many existing disciplines — like web design, information architecture and user experience.

But perhaps most fundamentally it's about letting go of the website as the core of digital development and thinking about a unified service that's delivered through multiple channels — some of them digital — where a website is just one of many digital opportunities to your serve customers well.

That's not to say that projects don't start by focusing on one particular channel — typically the website. We work with clients to deliver on their objectives, but also encourage teams to adopt a user-centered design process that identifies valuable improvements to the overall customer experience beyond that channel.

Research + Discover

Reducing subjectivity by developing an evidence-based design process backed by research. Whether attitudinal or behavioural, we'll help you work out what we need to discover in order to inform a great user experience.

Through a combination of task flow analysis, task prioritisation or field studies we'll discover what the customer experience could become by utilising digital channels.

Propose + Design

Combining clear objectives with best practice, now is the time to turn ideas into working prototypes so we can validate decisions before throwing ourselves into the build. We'll often prototype to help communicate our thoughts and plans.

Learn + Adapt

By their very nature digitial services can be measured. No project should ever stand still, and we'll use engagement analysis tools to pro-actively ensure that it doesn't.

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